Editorial: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Eyes Unpopular Minority Population Through Campaign Texting

Jagmeet leader official NDP party

Uprising from Ontario provincial and making his way to the central politics in Canada as the leader of New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh is focused on the minority population. Almost every week, he sends out texts to campaign supporters.

In the last two texts, he says, the Liberals and Conservatives eliminated the universal healthcare law in Canada, and he also explicitly said that both of these leaders failed to hold Loblaws accountable for high food prices.

But politically, we see a fake Singh in action. He shows comfort with both Conservatives and Liberals – shaking hands and smiling. However, the NDP leader has showed more support for Liberal parliamentary bills than for the Conservatives – helping the Trudeau to win confidence votes in the House of Commons.

If the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh wants to see about change in Canada – he should stick to one personality by truly standing up for the minority population.

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