Editorial: Ottawa MP Pierre Poilievre vows to keep fighting for Conservatives and for all Canadians, track record demonstrates

Editorial by The Ottawa Latest News:

During the last month or so, Ottawa-based MP Pierre Poilievre has tackled many issues in the political arena of Canada like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Emergencies Act by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, vowing for supporting cancer vaccines, and created a petition recently to stop the Prime Minister from throwing Convoy truck drivers in jail and in courts.

This comes at a time when Canada’s democracy is facing significant challenges to remain steady – this according to MP Poilievre is a choice made by Justin Trudeau and thus enforces on citizens. A new poll states that 4 in 10 Canadians cannot support themselves with food, shelter, and daily expenses, according to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

Meanwhile, Poilievre since long has voiced strong support against the Russian occupation of Ukraine, stating in the National Post that “Canada must get tough on Russia. We’re in a global crisis: Russia has illegally invaded Ukraine — and it has shocked the world”.

In recent month, Poilievre has been topping favourable in polls across the 10 Canadian provinces.

The most supportive of him are in the following order of six provinces:

  • New Brunswick
  • Saskachewan – Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario – British Coloumbia

The Ottawa Latest News projects that should an election be called in Canada all these six provinces will be blue, which will be a very favourable win for the Conservatives.

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