Toronto Mayoral Candidates: Weakest and Strongest

A number of strong and weak candidates are running for mayor in Toronto in 2023. Candidates’ experience fluctuates and varies across these three issues: policing, transportation, and housing. Our focus in this issue will be on three candidates and their election platforms: Mark Sanders, Anthony Furey, and Olvia Chow.

As a former police chief with recent Toronto experience, Sanders has little political experience, and his platform to increase security across the city is only getting notice with the increase in security threats.

With city experience, Anthony Furey’s platform includes removing bike lanes in order to make way for emergency services. Previously, he worked for major Canadian news outlets as a news desk reporter.

As a former candidate in a number of elections, Olivia Chow has demonstrated her ability to work with various cultures under different circumstances.

The voting process in the by-election, which includes all candidates running, will take place on June 26 in Toronto.

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